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Call to Arms: Jane's Army - The Victorian Era for the 21st Century [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Victorian Era for the 21st Century

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Call to Arms: Jane's Army [Jun. 2nd, 2010|03:45 pm]
The Victorian Era for the 21st Century


Rise up Maids and Cooks, Nurses and School-Mistresses, Prostitutes and Grocer-Wives! There shall be a Revolution of Flower-Sellers in our Lifetimes!

Join Jane's Army*! We want you!

Look up, ye Downtrodden! Look up into the great, flawless Sky. Those are not Clouds, but silk Balloons in Every Color, striped Lurid and Gay. We grind our Bones to Dust in the Streets, but above us Zeppelins soar on perfumed Winds, and fine Folk in Leather, Feathers, and Buckled Boots sip Champagne from Crystal, staring down at us with brass Spyglasses, making Wagers on which of us will Perish next.

We want your budget Steampunk finery . . .for the working class! Steampunk has always been about the future that never was. We're putting together a piece for the steampunk community featuring working class steampunk fashion.

We need:
* Pics of you modeling your working class steampunk outfits for the piece including any credits you would like sent to janesarmy (at) gmail (dot) com
* Tips on where to find pieces for $50 or less for steampunk working attire or suggestions on what to sew for Steampunk working attire.

What you do not see are the Children who wind the Gearworks, stoke the Fires, load the Aerial Bombardments, pack Powder and scrape Bird Offal from the Engines. Children who release the glittering Ordnance that shatters the Earth below. You do not see their bruised Bodies, their broken Knuckles, their lost Limbs. You do not hear the cry of the ruined Innocent over the roar of the great shining Zepplin.

We're also starting a charity aspect. We're hoping to get flower sellers at Arisia (and other cons too hopefully!) in full steampunk flower seller regalia. We will be donating all proceeds to Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston runaway shelter and resource center for troubled teens.

Are you crafty? We're starting an Ebay Store for Jane's Army, also benefiting Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston runaway shelter and resource center for troubled teens.

Our first project will be steampunk armwarmers. If you would like to participate, email janesarmy (at) gmail (dot) com with suggested retail price and your store if you want a plug and pictures of your arm warmers. We'll email you an address to send them to. Deadline: July 1st 2010.

We're starting a revolution and we want you to be part of it! We want to see Jane's Army out in full force at conventions and steampunk events!

janesarmy, signal boosts appreciated!

* Read all about it in The Anachronist's Cookbook by Catherynne M. Valente, Steampunk Tales Issue 1