Deb is Consistently Inconsistent (corvaxgirl) wrote in salonconvention,
Deb is Consistently Inconsistent

SalonCon 2009 Update

Hi everyone,

We've been going over and over the numbers, and with the economy being in the current state that it's in, SalonCon 2009 is not looking feasible. We went over and over the numbers and we tried to reinvent the wheel about a billion times and it just wasn't coming out right. We personally cannot afford to take a loss this year.

What we *are* working on is to put together a charity Neo-Victorian tea event hopefully at Teaberry's (hopefully candlelight!) with a reading from our darling Catherynne Valente, possibly a short performance by our sweetheart Sooj, a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab meetup, and who knows? Maybe a seance. When we know a date, we will let everyone know. We would like to do this as a placeholder for 2009 so we are not forgotten by 2010, where SalonCon may again be possible.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone for all of your love and support and constant kindness throughout the years and that we would be literally nothing without all of you. Thank you. We love you and thank you for everything you've given us and it's been so much.


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